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Your web applications are generally your first and only chance to make a good impression when someone comes across you or your company on the internet. Making a good impression takes time and demands efforts . We, as Kodpit; develop modern and incredible web applications that help to reflect the corporate and professional image of both individuals and businesses.

Are you ready to get a high level service?

We do not leave it to chance so that you can make a perfect first impression on those users who find you on the internet! The conscientious team of Kodpit Teknoloji A.S. is ready to create your interactive and SEO friendly web site for web applications that are the most significant elements which will form the first step in the digital environment for a product you sell or for the promotion of your company. You should keep in mind that a web project which does not satisfy the professional web application standards has more disadvantages than advantages.

Does your web application meet the standards?

  • How is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your web applications?
  • Does it meet the performance and speed criteria that is determined by Google?
  • Does it have a responsive design for all devices?
  • Does your web site offer your users ease of use?
  • Is the time that your users spend on your web site above the average?
  • Do your content and images meet the criteria of Google?
  • How is the availability rate of your web site on Google?

Incredible content that will turn your visitors into active customers!

We work to be innovative in the world of web application development as Kodpit Teknoloji A.S. We offer innovative features considering the functionality that our customers want to see, their sectors, and the latest trends in web. The content of our web application does not only aim SEO, but it is also essential for your potential customers. Our content team works in order to catch the essence of the service or products you offer and of your brand, and prepares effective images and contents that will enchant and convert the visitors of your web site. The visitors that will visit your web applications will, far from chaos, obtain clean information about your products or business without getting bored.

Have we told you that we always empathize with the users?

Our team, which has many years of experience (of user experiences), has developed meticulous processes to maximise the success of our customers. We use the newest techniques from many sources to increase the traffic of customers and you can be sure that all the web applications that we design are optimized for a perfect user experience. Even after finishing your web application and development project, carries Kodpit Teknoloji A.Ş. tests in order to improve continuously for the customers, plans and applies a course of action that will deal with the process in the briefest way as an instant reaction in negative situations.

If we have to talk about our responsive web application developments...

If your web applications do not have a responsive design, the users that visit will have difficulties in seeing the content, images, and the buttons on your web site. Usually the users who use their phones may complain about it and leave your website immediately. We may summarize the responsive design in this way; it is formed in a way that the elements like images or text on the web site will be reshaped and fit the screen properly when those web applications are entered on a mobile phone or tablet. It is generally designed in three stages; computer, tablet, and mobile version. We use this responsive design technology in all our web application development services as Kodpit Teknoloji A.S.; and offer you perfect experiences for smart phones, computers, and tablets.

Bring the e-commerce projects that you dream of to life with Kodpit!

Is not it time to bring the small, big or interesting projects that you dream of to life? Kodpit Teknoloji A.Ş. offers turnkey solutions for your projects, like a perfect web application project through which you can display your products to be sold or many digital platforms that will form masses of customers and are proper to announce and advertise your products and campaigns. Kodpit gives services for the projects in your dreams on many electronic platforms like digital marketing techniques, online payment systems, social media, special software services, web application development. Would you like to tell us about the projects you dream of? Get now in touch with us!

Great companies are built on great products.

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