Internet of Things IoT

IoT includes electronics, software, sensors and a network of physical devices, tools, household appliances and of other elements, which enable the connection and data exchange between those objects. IoT technology makes use of network connections to pave the way for communication between devices and systems.


All the devices in your life are connected to the Internet!

The addition of the feature being a “smart device” provides the users of those smart products with the ability to control and interact with all sorts of equipment and household appliances by using network connections and the Internet. In the same way can you use this communication ability to watch your products and provide proactive support. For instance, there can be send a message to both your customer and the customer service of your company when there is need for service for any product. As there are similar functions for some cars IoT technology is expanding these services to security systems and various devices as well.

Life is easier with a Smart Key

There are many different products, like Smart Key and Smart Lock that consumers benefit daily from, predicated on electronic access and authorisation systems.

The team of Kodpit makes significant contributions to the sector for the design and development of this kind of products, by their hardware and software substructures. The products that we develop under the name IoT return to you as services that ease your life in every aspect, usually by being synchronized with mobile phones and tablets.

An application on your phone can warn you about unexpected precipitation; in such a situation can you predict that traffic accidents may happen more than usual and can therefore make use of an application like Google Maps to get real-time traffic updates. This information can be send from your phone to your car’s navigation system automatically. Before you arrive home, you can check the temperature, operate various devices like lights and air conditioners at remote control. All of these are applications that support practical, safe, and economical use of technology.

What can this mean for your business then?

Every modern business today, should be aware of the integration possibility of various devices and should make use it. IoT obtains more beneficial information from several services. It is easier to understand the advantage that businesses will get, when considered the huge volume of data that can be gathered from various sources.

The data obtained from the users’ houses, offices, vehicles, phones and their habits of browsing may tell you a lot to improve your work. When the variety of the devices that are connected increase, you can both ease the lives of your customers, and can obtain more data to consider in order to develop new products and services which you can offer them. Through our services that we -as Kodpit Teknoloji A.S.- have developed thanks to the IoT technology, can we provide you with advantages like continuity in interaction with customers, observing processes of work, automated services, and big data. It is a technology that has been adopted by sectors like technology, transportation, discrete manufacturing, logistics, and utilities day by day.

Great companies are built on great products.

Elon MuskFounder of Tesla and SpaceX