What is Hacker Can?

It is the first education platform of Turkey that is designed in order to improve the software development abilities, by writing Turkish codes, of anyone who wishes to learn.

Our platform, which can both be used in Turkish and English, aims to give its students algorithm and programming (real code writing) trainings, and to improve their problem solving skills.

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What is Hacker Can?

MEB Müfredatına Uygun

A Recommended Source by the Ministry of National Education

It is the first domestic software that is recommended as a source for the curricula, of Information Technologies and Software courses, that were published by the Board of Education on 13 January 2017.

It aims to build skills for algorithm, problem solving, fundamental computer sciences and programming. It is developed by educational technology specialists, interface designers, and a professional team of software developers.

100% Turkish and English Coding

Our code editor and all our directives are 100% in Turkish or in English. Our student can make a start on programming without any need for even one single English word.

We give the basic software information that a software developer will need like algorithm, problem solving, variables, series, conditions, cycles and functions, entirely in Turkish. In this way will the student be able to focus on what is necessary without being distracted by foreign terms.

%100 Turkish and English Coding

Game Based Learning by the Series of Adventure

Game Based Learning by the Series of Adventure

It is an enjoyable platform with its adventure series, illustrations, and studio screens build on the game based learning model, that each student between 6-9 and above 9 can make use of.

The students should level up by completing some missions in almost 200 episodes of this adventure series that are designed by educational technology specialists. While the student is completing these missions, he/she should write codes instead of using the direction keys.

Some Shots from Events

Dr. Faruk ÖZLÜ, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology
Our Presentation for Dr. Faruk ÖZLÜ

Fatih Project ETZ (Educational Technology Summit)
YEGITEK- Our Presentation and Stand for Hacker Can


Hacettepe University STEM & Makers
Hacettepe University - STEM & Makers Fest/Expo Event

Karadeniz Technical University BTS 2016
KTU Science and Technology Festival