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The conditions, mentioned below, should be read carefully before making use of the website.

To access the website of Kodpit Technology Services, means that the user has read these conditions carefully and accepted them and that any improper action, according to these conditions, will bring civil and criminal liabilities for the user. An individual may not have any access to the website or any right to make use of its services, if he/she does not accept these conditions. ‘’Kodpit’’ has always the right to make change in the conditions of the agreement, these changes will be in operation when they have been published. Kodpit Technology Services is a website that has commercial and non-commercial parts. To be an experiencing user is free. However, the user has to pay for ‘’individual’’ or ‘’institutional’’ purchases which are necessary to make use of the whole system actively.

The content provider, reserves the right to preview scan, examining, marking, filtering, making changes, rejecting or removing (but is not hold liable for these). The customer/user accepts that, the product and service sale may be stopped or that his/her access to the product or service may be blocked (temporary or permanently), on the condition that it should be announced to the user in advance (two days). Kodpit is not responsible for any product or service that the user may find unacceptable or irrelevant, which may occur at the portal through illegal external ways, although the precautions of Kodpit.

The user accepts that the risks, which may be consequences of downloads from the portal or the use of the products owned through the portal in another way, belongs only to the user; you clearly understand and accept that it is provided ‘’as it is’’ and ‘’how available’’ without any guarantee, to the extent permitted by legislation. The use of the portal, the choice to make use of any product or service that has been downloaded through the portal and the risks that may occur because of these belong to the user: you accept that any harm to your mobile devices, any harm to your other devices or any loss of data as a consequence of the use of the abovementioned points is in the charge of the user. In addition, Kodpit does not commit or undertake any express warranty or implied warranty, and does not violate any term, the salability of the products or services commercially, the sufficiency of the quality, the relevance to the aim; you clearly understand and accept that Kodpit is not liable at the point of direct, indirect, incidental or proper harms, loss of data included, that occur as a consequence of the use of the owned products (tort or else, agreement or negligence included).

It is possible that the user has to give information such as, his/her name, address and billing data to have access to the services and products. You accept that those information you give is always real, true and up-to-date. You accept that you are liable to observe the requirements to have access to the products and services at the portal, and that you get the right to use, install or/and download according to the regulations in the user license agreement.

You accept and undertake that you will be liable qua faulty for the harms and consequences if you violate any of the points that are following; that you must not have access (or try to have access) to the portal through any other interface, or in any other way, than the one that is provided by Kodpit, that you must not reach (or try to reach) by automatic ways (code maps, scanner or the use of similar technologies included) and that you must abide by the instructions that are mentioned in any of the robot.txt. maps; that you must not take any action that will affect the Portal (or any attached servers) or will cause any failure; that you must not use any products or services at the portal, or any websites operated by third parties, in a way that affects the servers or networks or in a way that causes failure; that you must not multiply, copy, sell, market or once more sell any products, services or applications, with no matter what reason, without it being openly mentioned in the latest user license agreement; that you must not directly or indirectly export or once more export, without having a license, to any country that asks for license (remote access included).

Some of the products and services at the portal are presented by Kodpit, whereas others may be presented by completely separate and independent people/companies. Kodpit does not accept any liability about any content or access of a product that finds place at the portal or that is created through the portal and another source than Kodpit.

While there are presented free products and services at the portal, some products are sold with a user’s license for a price. You know and accept that the user will not receive the product or/and service, that he/she has bought through the portal, without he/she fulfils the responsibility of paying for it. Kodpit, may give you various opportunities to make settling easier, for the products or/and services. You accept that Kodpit will not undertake any liability about the consequences of the fact that, the mentioned processes will result in another legal agreement which covers the settling procedure; and that you must bring the procedure to a conclusion with the institution that is related with the method of payment. Kodpit reserves the rights of changing the current method of payment, adding a method of payment, within the one sided decision making authority, without giving prior notice.You accept that, you undertake the tax liability; the reporting and paying of any tax that may occur related to the use of the portal or the products and services, that are bought by you through the portal, is within your responsibility.

You accept that, Kodpit and/or the third parties have a claim to all the rights, possessions and benefits (Intellectual Property Rights included) of the portal or the products at the portal, without being limited. At any place in the world, in any situation (and with any implementation), Intellectual Property Rights, stands for the following points; patent law, copyright, trade secrets, technical information, classified information, management names and field names, computer programs, trademark rights, service brands, trade names, service models, design rights, semiconducting topography rights, database rights included, all the Intellectual Property Rights. You accept that; (I) you must not copy, sell, give license for, distribute, transfer, change, adapt, translate, prepare a derivative study for, decompile, practice reverse engineering, divide into pieces or try to change the source code of, the products, without permission; (II) you must not act in any way that blocks or harms the terms of content use, decided, practiced or provided by any function of the products or safety (digital rights administration or transmittable lock function, without being limited, are included); (III) you must not use the products in a way that violates any act or right of the third parties, by accessing the content, copying the content, transferring, crosswise coding or transferring the content once more or; (IV) you must not cancel, obfuscate or change Kodpit’s or the third parties’ copyright notices, trademarks or other property rights notices that are attached to the products, or find place in the products, and that you must not allow third parties to do so.

With a membership the user has read and accepted every single article that take place herein the subscription agreement. Herein the agreement the fact that the user has become a member goes in effect mutually and is immediately concluded electronically. A copy of the agreement is sent electronically to the email address of the member.

Herein the contract, the duration of the conclusion of the membership will last till the member or Kodpit Technology Services cancels the membership.