Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence Solutions

Cyber safety is a protection practice against digital attacks on systems, networks and programs. These attacks may aim accessing sensitive information, changing or erasing them, suspending normal business processes or withdrawing money from the users.


Cyber threats that increase day by day

It is hard, and gets harder, to take effective precautions for cyber safety because there are more devices than human beings and the attackers are constantly developing new methods. The most common types of cyber attacks are tactics and software like ransomware, malware, social engineering, phishing.

A line of cyber defence for your entire inventory!

A successful cyber safety approach includes multiple layers of security between programs or data, networks, and computers that aim to keep them safe. People, processes and technology should complete each other in an organization in order to form an effective defence against cyber attacks. Firms need to have discipline and a clear approach to the ways of dealing with both cyber attack attempts and succeeded cyber attacks. Firm discipline will guide you about subjects like how to define cyber attacks, how to protect your systems, how to determine threats and respond to them, and how to get rid of succeeded attacks.

Why is it necessary to protect your digital data?

Everyone makes use of advanced virtual programs in our world encircled by virtual networks. A cyber safety attack, on an individual level may end up in: identity theft, attempts of usurping, and loss of significant data like family photos. Today’s majority, almost all individuals, use critical substructures like financial service companies, hospitals, and power resources. It is essential to secure the abovementioned ones and all the other institutions and organizations for the continuity of the communal life’s welfare.

Ethical and expert cyber safety researchers!

Kodpit’s well-equipped team of expert researchers research cyber attack strategies, and threats that are already known or have emerged recently. This strong team clarifies the new security gaps, educates the public and companies about the importance of cyber safety and strengthens the open resource tools. Kodpit continues its studies with a principle we are proud of “Making the internet safer for everyone.”

Our cyber safety services for your business:

  • Advice about the Privacy Act
  • Analysis of Code Safety
  • E-mail Safety
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Safety
  • Database Safety
  • Mobile Applications Safety
  • Web Applications Safety

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