What is Microsoft HoloLens?

Many people cannot separate HoloLens from products like Google Glass and Oculus Rift. HoloLens is a technology that consists of the combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality which is called “Mixed Reality” HoloLens is one of the exciting parts of technology.

Microsoft HoloLens

Distance Education

HoloLens has produced a revolution in education as well. The way of learning is changing. HoloLens, which has attracted a lot of attention of educators, now plays the major role in interactive learning.

Games and Entertainment

As you can play a game like Minecraft with biographic objects in your own room easily, HoloLens applications offer much more than that to you.

Decoration and more...

You can visualize easily how new decor will make your house or office look like by the use of HoloLens. You can easily see the colour of the walls of your living room, to the new colour of your sofas easily with the help of HoloLens.

Iron Man Hologram

To illustrate, scenes of the movie Iron Man, in which the character interacts with holographic objects, may help you to be informed about the use of HoloLens. The only thing that is missing is HoloLens itself.

In this video we can see how Japan Airlines use the "Mixed Reality" application that is created for Microsoft HoloLens for the airline mechanics.

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