All rights of (will be stated as Kodpit Technology Services hereinafter) belong to Kodpit Teknoloji A.Ş. Kodpit does not share the gathered information, use it for commercial purposes, and sell it to third parties, without the permission of or with an opposing demand of the relevant user. Only compulsory information (like name,surname,e-mail) may be shared with the companies, which give service, for emailing processes.

According to the Act (5651), Kodpit, as the one that provides and operates the system which includes services and contents, may identify and use the IP address of the user, when it is necessary, to define the problems that occur within the system and to bring a solution to any complication in the system of Kodpit Technology Services, urgently.

IP addresses may also be used to identify the users in a general way and to collect comprehensive demographic data.

Individual or institutional users must give some identifying personal information and visual contents of themselves to Kodpit Technology Services, by filling in various forms, in order to create a user's profile page. Personal information may be used to get in contact with the user if necessary.

We may give links to other web sites, that are not operated by our company, at our portal. If you visit one of these web sites you must take a look at their privacy and other policies. We want to mention that we are not responsible for the policies and administrations of other companies.

User’s information may be expounded to official authorities, when it is compulsory according to the mandatory legislation provisions, only when official authorities demand for it. Only the user may attain and change the information that he/she has recorded into the system. There is no possibility that someone else can attain or change these information.

Kodpit Technology Services, uses various tracking systems from third parties such as, Google Analytics. Google Analytics, is a Web Analyse Service of Google Inc. Google Analytics, may transfer the collected information from the users’ computers (IP included) to the Google server in America and keep it there for statistical purposes. The collected information may be used in order to evaluate the preferences of the users on our website, to arrange the activity reports of our website and to improve the services of the website.

Google, will not combine the users’ information (IP included) with other data it saves, and will not share it with third parties unless there is a legal or legitimate necessity. The users on our website may limit the cookies by choosing the right settings in their browser. However, in this case they cannot make benefit of all the special links of our website.The users on our website confirm that Google may collect and use their personal information within the abovementioned conditions and necessities.

Kodpit Technology Services may ex parte change the Privacy Policy terms any time, on condition that it will be published.

The Privacy Policy provisions that are changed by Kodpit Technology Services, will go into operation at the date they are published.