Kodpit is a technology company that gives services in the fields of Industry 4.0, Education, Information Security, Web and Mobile Applications globally. Meet our professional, devoted and dynamic team closely.

Bugra YUKSEL BUGRA YUKSEL CEO & Founder White hat hacker, software developer and trainer.
Mehmet Emre VURAL MEHMET EMRE VURAL CTO Web ve mobile developer, math expert, trainer, gamer.
Orhan SARIBAL ORHAN SARIBAL Software Engineer Mobile developer, sports enthusiast and gamer.
Muhammed BARUTCU MUHAMMED BARUTCU Industrial Engineer Project manager, productivity and process management specialist.
Hasan Omer CELIK HASAN OMER CELIK Software Developer Backend software developer, UI/UX expert and fond of best practises.
Yasin KAYGIN YASIN KAYGIN Game Developer & AR Expert Unity game developer, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality expert.
Behlul SARIKAYA BEHLUL SARIKAYA Computer Engineer Web and mobile developer, trainer, artificial intelligence enthusiast.
Irfan ATASOY IRFAN ATASOY Director of Corporate Communications Communication expert, corporate PR specialist and trainer.
Arda GUZEL ARDA GUZEL Mechatronic Engineer Electronic and Robotic Instructor. UFV Pilot and embedded systems expert.
Mucahit Ekrem YESILYURT MUCAHIT EKREM YESILYURT Mechatronic Engineer Electronic and Robotic Instructor. UFV Pilot and embedded systems expert.
Serhat TEKIN SERHAT TEKIN Marketing Specialist Pulic releations & sales specialist and trainer.
Burhan AKTAS BURHAN AKTAS Software Developer Web and desktop applications developer. Fan of high technology.
Mehmet COVUT MEHMET COVUT Computer Engineer Cyber security expert, network and system administrator.
Cem KELES CEM KELES Graphic Designer UI/UX Designer, Digital Marketing Expert and Researcher.
Yasin CAYKUR YASIN CAYKUR Software Developer Python programmer, system and web applications security expert.
Yalcin OZER YALCIN OZER Software Developer Mobile applications developer and fan of game development.
Salih AKAR SALIH AKAR Computer Engineer Image processing expert, system and mobile programming enthusiast.
Oguzhan TUFEKCI OGUZHAN TUFEKCI Software Developer Web applications developer, backend programmer and R&D enthusiast.
CAGDAS CELIKEL CAGDAS CELIKEL Graphic Designer UI/UX Designer, Digital Marketing Expert and Trainer.
Huseyin AVCI HUSEYIN AVCI Software Developer Python programmer and system apps expert.
Ramazan AKIN RAMAZAN AKIN Computer Engineer Web and desktop applications developer, R&D enthusiast.
Aytac ONTURK AYTAC ONTURK Computer Engineer Web applications developer, R&D enthusiast.
Mustafa ESKIN MUSTAFA ESKIN Software Developer Web and mobile developer, technology buff and trainer.
M. Hamit YANIK M. HAMIT YANIK Electronic & Software Developer Electronic and embedded systems expert, software developer and trainer.
Oner CANER ONER CANER SEO ve Digital Marketing Expert Digital marketing and international SEO exert, trainer and writer.

Operation Team


Teaching Technologist
Education Content Creator and Trainer


Software Engineer
Frontend Developer and Q&A Tester.


Finance & Accounting
Accounting and Finance Officer


Finance Consultant


Law Department


GDPR Expert

Muhammed Said ALTUNTAS

GDPR Expert

Elif Bengu PALTACI

GDPR Expert

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

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